Trump’s PAC Is Launching an ‘Official Trump Gold Card’

  • Donald Trump’s PAC is releasing an “Official Trump Gold Card” eight months after launching the “Trump Card.”
  • In a fundraising email, the Trump team asked his supporters to choose from four designs.
  • One of the designs features a headshot of the former president grinning.

Former President Donald Trump’s Save America political action committee is rolling out a new slate of Trump Cards — this time, in gold.

The Save America PAC unveiled a range of four “Official Trump Gold Card” designs, asking supporters to choose their favorite one.

“We’re about to launch our exclusive Official 2022 Trump Gold Cards, and we have some very exciting news to share with you,” read the email sent by the group on Monday.

“We recently met with the President in his office in Florida and set four gold card designs on his desk for him to look over,” the email continued. “Originally, we were planning on releasing just one design, but when President Trump saw the cards on his desk, he said, ‘Why would you ask me? Let the American People decide — they ALWAYS know best!”

Clicking on a design brings visitors to a fundraising page for the Save America PAC, where they are urged to donate sums ranging from $45 to $2,500 within a three-minute timeframe.

“We know President Trump will be excited to see what YOU thought. Rush in a contribution of ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to guarantee he sees YOUR response FIRST!” says the fundraising page, which comes with a bouncing blue button for the “$250” contribution category.

A screengrab of the Save America PAC's fundraising page for the Official Trump Gold Card

After clicking on their choice of card, the Save America PAC site takes visitors to a donation page.

Screengrab/Save America PAC

The launch of the gold Trump Card comes eight months after Trump’s PAC floated the idea of ​​supporters carrying red Trump Cards. In August 2021, the Save America PAC also asked the former president’s supporters to choose their favorite among four card designs — one of which contained a spelling error.

Critics said the cards resembled symbols from the Third Reich and the Kennkarte, a form of ID used in Nazi Germany.

The new gold Trump Cards’ designs bear some similarities to the cards launched in August. For instance, one of the latest designs still features a free Shutterstock image of an eagle that was used in the red version of the Trump Card.

However, one of the new cards features a headshot of the former president smiling — something that was not featured in the lineup for the red Trump Card.

Like the original Trump Card, the gold cards resemble credit cards. They also bear the former president’s signature and serial numbers and come inscribed with the phrases “Official Trump Gold Card” and “2022 Member Since.”

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