Turn Your Nail Into A Business Card With This Microchip Manicure

Technology is embedded in our daily lives now, facilitating tasks in the most innovative ways more and more. For example, a beauty salon in Dubai called Lanour Beauty Lounge introduced a unique manicure called the ‘microchip manicure’ or (‘smart nails’). A manicurist embeds a microchip under the nail polish to serve as a business card.

Lanour Beauty Lounge’s founder, Nour Makarem, explains in a news interview for CNN Middle East how the NFC chip is small enough to fit on the nail before being set in place with a protective coating and then hidden by the coat of nail polish. Once done, you can’t even see it’s there. Next, she demonstrates how she can upload any contact data to it, like an Instagram page, website, Facebook page, or WhatsApp details.

The pandemic and its social distancing requirements inspired Makarem to create smart nails. She said:

We came up with this idea because we were thinking, how to support social distancing in beauty services using technology. The only challenge was to make it small enough to fit the fingernail. Then, we install the information that you want. Like your name, your mobile number, your social media accounts, websites as well. I always forget my business cards; you will not forget your nail.

(Credit: Lanour Beauty Lounge)

The chip can accommodate only a minimal amount of data for now. But Makarem hopes to get chips that can hold more information soon – for example, an entire restaurant menu. She also envisions it being used as a means to conduct contactless payment.

The chip works like a credit card, using Near Field Communication technology to connect with mobile devices. The data transfers in a matter of seconds once the microchipped nail is tapped into a smartphone. The finger with the chip has to be between one to two centimeters from a smartphone to activate the chip.

Smart nails could benefit the environment also due to a reduction in paper waste from business cards.

Since Lanour Beauty Lounge began promoting the microchip manicure service to its 4,000 Instagram followers in December, it has completed over 500 procedures. Many people love the idea.

Makarem said:

Dubai, it’s an innovative city. Usually, the people they like the weird and creative ideas.

For now, it’s just a way to give someone your contact information, but maybe someday you’ll be able to pay for your dinner at a restaurant by just reaching out their hand – simple and contactless.

Makarem demonstrates how scanning her manicure with a smartphone opens her website or Instagram in the video below.

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