V1CE: The Last Business Card One Will Ever Buy

Changing the way people build networks through NFC technology.

Gone are the days when businessmen and women would carry around big agendas and needed to sort through a cardholder to find a specific contact number. Throughout the years, technology has changed the way people live – especially how they seek to connect. V1CE has transcended the boundaries of a traditional business card by allowing its users to create connections with a simple tap.

V1CE has designed their NFC business cards to be the last business card you will ever need to buy. NFC technology, overall, has become a digital essential for marketing. If you’re wondering how, according to the team at V1CE, “NFC business cards give you the power to transfer data instantly or cause any action, on a smartphone. Now, you have the greatest networking, marketing, and business tool, all on one streamlined card”. Just imagine how powerful this card can be for businesses! All your details can be easily accessed and shared with just a tap; mobile applications are unnecessary. Moreover, it is guaranteed to be compatible with any smartphone, whether an Apple or Android device.

Having a V1CE card also means that the corners of a business card no longer limit your information. The V1CE card follows a seamless, innovative platform with over 30 different ways to share your details and gives card owners peace of mind, knowing its data architecture is secure. Not to mention, it can be updated in real-time as well – a handy feature, especially when meeting a potential contact by chance.

These cards are not only data customisable, but as the traditional business card, V1CE cards are also visually customisable. On top of accommodating any card design, they also have a range of base material types to choose from; For instance, those who would like their cards to exude a premium, innovative, and bespoke feel will find the metal base as the perfect choice. On the other hand, the bamboo base is for those who prefer an eco-friendlier option. And lastly, their most versatile option is the PVC base to jumpstart into contactless networking. All of which comes in a range of different colours.

V1CE currently has the broadest range of NFC products on the market; some products aren’t even a card at all. Imagine sharing all of your information using the convenience of a sticker, bracelet, keychain or even your phone case! You name it, V1CE has it. This company has revolutionized our way of networking.

Most importantly, for every purchase of these cards, V1CE plants a tree worldwide! Talk about giving back to the environment. They even allow card owners to track their progress through Ecologi.

Take this chance to join the bandwagon of modern, contactless networking. For more information about V1CE, visit their website at https://v1ce.co/.

About V1CE

V1CE is a contactless business card that integrates NFC technology, enabling its customers to transmit their contact information, socials, and other details into any smartphone.

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