Wisconsin native Dan Loper, Sr. became “godfather of dairy nutrition”

Few people realize that the “godfather of modern nutrition practices” was born in Wisconsin. Probably the biggest change in dairy nutrition of the last 50 years was originated by Dan Loper.

“It’s so long ago nobody remembers,” chuckles Dan Loper, Sr. He’s now 82 and still goes to work every day as a dairy nutritionist. With his son Danny, he runs Loper Systems in Clovis, New Mexico.

Loper was born on the kitchen table in his family’s farmhouse in the Town of Roxbury, near Sauk City in 1939. Later in his childhood, the Loper family moved to another family farm with a stone farmhouse in Marxville, a few miles away. He grew up farming and studying.

“I was the valedictorian of my eighth grade class. There were two boys in my class,” he added with a smile.

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