Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 25 To 30 April 2022

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

Uber Rentals | Skip The Drive | #RentalHealthDay

Bollywood and OTT-land have perhaps missed seeing what adland does in the ageless ball of energy that goes by the name of Anil Kapoor. Uber has built layers on his persona to pitch #RentalHealthDay. People complain of advertising. Never do they say a thing against an entertaining riot like this one.

CarDekho | Sapna Re | Bharosa Kar Ke Toh Dekho

Even if used before, the trigger of buying a vehicle for the kid/family, is rooted in truth. In this case, the spot shows the child craving for a car for her family. Seeing the neighbors use theirs, she is forlorn but her father promises her one. And it’s now possible, thanks to CarDekho. Rather direct, but it works.

Perhaps an option like the parent feeling guilty that his family or child has to bear the sweltering heat after a bike ride, was considered too subtle or roundabout. Well, given the soaring temperatures, maybe not.

Swiggy Instamart | Groceries And More In Minutes | Toh Agla Match Aap Kiske Saath Dekhoge

Swiggy | Toh Agla Match Aap Kiske Saath Dekhoge

The ‘Aap kiske saath dekhoge’ The series continues this IPL season, batting for both the brand’s food ordering and grocery businesses. The fresh work may not raise the bar, but certainly keeps Swiggy at the top when it comes to cut-through work around cricket.

Olx Autos | Shetty Ke Carname | Best Price

Brands seems to be generously leaning on Bollywood, be it on personalities and their real lives, or their cinema, or both as is the case here. Think Rohit Shetty and you think of cars blowing up in larger-than-life fight sequences. This may not have been the traditionalist’s approach to selling used cars, but then this is a brave new world of marketers we’re seeing here.

Myntra | Go For It

When the promise is edgy fashion, it demands a level of edginess in the messaging. ‘Go For It’ captures the brand’s attitude and speaks to its audience in a language they understand.

PhonePe | Bike Insurance | #RideTensionFree

PhonePe is at it again, this time for bike insurance. And this time, in addition to celebrities, the brand can also take credit for great use of the soundtrack.

McDonald’s India | Ramzan Mubarak

This is a timely salute to the spirit of togetherness in the holy month of Ramzan. McDonald’s is also seen as a place for bonding and celebrations. Telling the story from an employee’s perspective should help keep the team morale up, too.

Bajaj Fans | Awesome Designs | Fan Nahin Fantastic

After the ‘super powerful’ and ‘super silent’ messages comes this ‘awesome designs’ pitch under the ‘Fan Nahin Fantastic’ theme. The idea by itself is not extraordinary. But its execution and the larger umbrella help the campaign sail through.

Dabur Honey | Cheeni Na Na Na

Another one seemingly from ‘Jingle Desh’ that will strike a chord not just because of a catchy jingle, but also good production and casting. More importantly, a pitch is being made to replace sugar with honey, which is a gamechanger.

KFC India | #CricketHaiLetsKFC

One more brand tries to ride on cricket here and become part of the cricket viewing experience. It does so quite entertainingly and swiftly. Delightful casting and a very simple plot executed to perfection make this something to look forward to during the ad breaks.

Vivo | #LiveTheJoy

Simple everyday moments or once-in-a-life milestones, whatever the source of joy, live those moments, says Vivo. The mobile phone is certainly a part of our lives today, whether we like it or not. A companion that not just connects us but also helps us capture moments of joy for posterity. This film captures several such moments with a heartwarming filter.

Dainik Bhaskar | Sach Kareeb Se Dikhta Hai

This is a perfect pitch for local news in certain markets. From the choice of ambassador to the treatment, there is a realism in the work that one readily relates to. The line ‘Sach kareeb se dikhta hai‘ is priceless.

Times Prime | More Every Moment

This classily produced spot featuring a vibrant soundtrack and energetic protagonist keeps you hooked and spells out things one can do with the product. Her day starts with Gaana and followed by Zomato, Myntra, Disney+ Hotstar, Uber and others, all via Times Prime. The end frame tells us that one can get 15+ subscriptions and 30+ offers at Rs.1199 per year. The spot is not meant to be educational. It does offer a window into what the product offers, but does that noticeably and adorably.

Casio Calculator | #FarakPadtaHai

How do you make a calculator brand stand out from the competition? Tough one to crack.

One of the films takes off on the pitch that a cheaper calculator could stop working repeatedly. One imagined scenario leads to another before the film ends with a salvaging humorous twist: the trader running into losses and getting sermoned by his father-in-law on how to run the business. The other film follows a similar theme, starting with the salesman’s apprehension that the client would not give him the business because he doesn’t use a Casio calculator.

This is an appreciable effort. The effort shows, but perhaps it could have done with some finish in the writing.

Voltas Pure Air | Hawa Aur Savings, Dono Tan Tanatan

Pure air at home. The harried man who doesn’t get to take a satisfying few deep breaths of air in the arms of nature is a nice vehicle to carry this message.

Simpliearn | Job Guarantee Programs

Path-breaking idea? No. Noticeable? Yes. Guaranteed, in fact. Also rides on the flavor of the season, cricket.

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