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The Director’s Room is an escape room in Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward. This is one of three possible rooms you will enter when going through the White Chromatic Door during the third round of the AB Game. In the Director’s Room, you will explore what appears to be Zero Sr.’s office room.

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With the help of Tenmyouji and Quark, you will investigate the Director’s Room for clues hinting at the true identity of the mastermind behind the second Nonary Games. Let’s take a look at how to solve every puzzle in the Director’s Room, how to get the Gold File, and how to escape.


Director’s Room Layout

Before we begin to escape, let’s take a look at the layout of the Director’s Room.

Upon entering the Director’s Room, you can see the exit door on the opposite wall. To the left of that is a desk with a locked drawer. A computer with a password entry screen sits on top of the desk. Beside the desk is a facial recognition device.

To the right of the exit door is a large, locked safeand a bookshelf can be found next to it on the adjacent wall.

If you turn around so that you are facing the entrance, you can find a headless set of armor to the left of the door. On the right side, you can find a balloonand a display cabinet with the escape safe.

How To Escape The Director’s Room

seek a way out screen before beginning escape puzzle

Now, let’s seek a way out of the Director’s Room.

First, take the slingshot and short spear from the armor stand. Then, move over to the bookshelf and take the tablet and cheap brandy. From the bottom shelf, take the three sets of books.

At the display case, pick up and examine the globe to add the world map to your archive, then take the expensive brandy from the bottom shelf.

Move to the large safe and inspect the lock. To open the safe, you will need to complete a mini-game similar to the one in the PEC. You will need to connect pair of dots in the correct orientation to open the door. Using the world map, you can determine you need to connect the dots in the following pairs.

  • White to Blue
  • Green to Pink
  • Yellow to Purple

Reference the image below for the full solution.

directors office connect the dots puzzle

Once the locker is open, you can take the fake deer head and the binder containing business card instructions. Now, head over to the desk with the computer and look at the binder with business cards. In this mini-game, you will need to arrange the business cards in the correct order, according to the clue found in the safe. The solution can be found below.

Bob Ellen Sophie
Ann Chris John
Tony Lola Ian
Carole Michael Kate

Arranging the business cards like this will display a completed phrase on the back: BOOK 334. Using this clue, return to the bookshelf and place the books so that the four-book literary analyses books are on the right-most position. Then, place the expensive brandy on the green slot on the top shelf to form an H with red paint.

fake deer head on wall with red paint forming a letter

Next, plug the deer head into the wall above the bookshelf so that it forms the letter E in red paint.

With the short spear in hand, move to the computer desk and inspect the keyhole on the drawer. The short spear will unlock the drawer, allowing you to grab the small key. Take this to the facial recognition device nearby to turn it on. Let Tenmyouji use his picture to activate the device, which will cause a section of the wall to turn around, revealing an armchair and the helmet for the armor.

directors office armchair to secret room

Take the helmet from the chair, then sit in the chair and pull the lever to turn the wall back around. In the secret room, pick up the batterythen make a note of the P in red paint on the wall. Pull the lever again to be sent back into the main room. Combine the battery with the tablet to give it power.

Move to the armor and reunite the helmet with its bodywhich will now form an L in red paint. Move back over to the chair and sit in it without pulling the lever. Equip the slingshot and shoot the balloonpopping it and giving you a clear view of the first three letters in the room.

directors office red letters displaying HEL, first three of escape password

Now, you can see that the red paint spells out the word HELP. Put this into the tablet to receive the Green Safe Password. Put the password into the safe, and you will be able to escape the Director’s Room.

How To Get The Gold File

directors office tablet displaying blue password for gold file

To get the Gold Filehead over to the glass display case and place the cheap brandy on the left side so that it reflects the laser into a parallelogram. Doing this will activate the screen on the display case, allowing you to begin a mini-game. Here, you will need to move the tangram shapes around to form the same parallelogram that appears in the brandy. Check the image below for a solution to this puzzle.

directors office tangram puzzle

If you arrange the shapes in this orientation, and it doesn’t work, try adjusting them slightly. The mini-game doesn’t always recognize when the shapes are in the correct position, so keep adjusting them until it works.

After the puzzle, Tenmyouji will read something off the screen: IILP. Put this password into the tablet to receive the Blue Safe Passwordwhich can be put into the safe to obtain the Gold File.

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